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Since losing Poppy in October 2018 I have put all my love for her into building ‘My Poppy Rose’. This love has been complemented by my love for the baby loss community, for helping others, my love for words and writing, and the love I have for building connections between loss families. With this love there has been a huge amount of passion. Passion to support those in their darkest moments and beyond as they travel their lifelong journey with grief, and their huge love for their babies. I work hard on Poppy’s ‘Legacy of Love’ every day to support baby loss families from feeling alone and isolated.

All content is my own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experience from my own journey of baby loss. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the Copyright and Disclosures page for more information.
Since starting ‘My Poppy Rose’ I have
  • Built Poppy’s website which offers advice and support to baby loss families
  • Set up and launched my project ‘Hearts from Poppy’ which is now in 3 maternity bereavement suites
  • Built a strong following through Poppy’s social media channels
  • Published 2 books, Baby Loss and Grief Journal and Angel Daddy Journal. Both aim to help bereaved parents use writing to help navigate their grief
Baby loss quote:The greatest gift the baby loss world has given me is a tribe of beautiful, selfless mummas. A tribe so strong that they stand by you no matter what and no matter how much pain they are in. I owe so much to this family of incredible mummy's - Supporting 'My Poppy Rose'.

Sadly my love and passion cannot sustain the work I do, or support my family. As much as love and passion is the force behind everything I do in memory of my baby girl, it’s just not enough. There’s so much I want to do, so much I would love to do to help our community. My aim when I began was to help one person feel less alone and from the private messages I receive I believe I have accomplished this. It is my dream to reach as many as I can with Poppy’s ‘Legacy of Love’.

Baby loss quote: I want your legacy to be love - Supporting 'My Poppy Rose'.
my aims for ‘My poppy rose’ are to:
  • Reach more families
  • Get Poppy’s Hearts into more maternity bereavement suites
  • Buy resources which will make the production of Poppy’s Hearts more efficient
  • Professionally print the cards within the heart sets
  • Have enough funds so I am able to keep parents sponsorship of hearts to a minimum
  • Have the time and space to regularly produce support posts on my blog
  • Produce videos for maternity units on various subjects of baby loss and care from a bereaved mothers perspective (this has already been requested from a bereavement midwife)
  • Produce more books to support baby loss families
  • Have everything free at source for bereaved families (aside from books) 
  • Everything I do is from my personal experience as a baby loss mummy, I would like to do additional training in grief and Bereavement etc.

I am just a bereaved mummy, not charity run, who puts her heart and soul into everything I do, whilst also supporting my own family.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any support for ‘My Poppy Rose’. From liking Poppy’s social media channels, liking a post, sharing, sponsoring hearts or contributing to my work. Everything builds on reaching more families. I’m honoured to be part of such a beautiful community.

Much love, Sara xx

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If you need additional support:

Arc – Antenatal results and choices.

Petals – The Baby Loss Counselling Charity.

Tommy’s – Baby Charity – Together, for every baby.

Sands – Stillbirth and neonatal death charity.


Baby Loss Support Links – A dedicated page I have put together of a range of support links.

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