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Sponsoring Hearts is currently on hold. We will be back soon. Thank you for your support. Sara and Poppy xx

‘Hearts from Poppy’ is a project that I have started to provide memories and support for Baby Loss families.

Sibling Hearts

This is where my project begun. I wanted to find something that I could create which would connect siblings. We were very fortunate that we used keepsakes from our memory box which our children could share with Poppy. These keepsakes mean the world to our children and knowing that Poppy shares their item makes them so very special. It helped them, particularly in the early days, to have something to hold and feel comforted by.

In my Sibling Hearts bag there are two matching handmade hearts. One is for baby and the other is for their sibling. This provides a very special connection. Also in the bag is a poem plus a card with the name of the baby that the hearts have been sponsored by.

Grandparent Hearts

Grandparents can often be the forgotten grievers. In many ways they grieve twice. For their Grandchild but also for their own child who is going through a journey no parent should ever have to.

Whilst making the Sibling Hearts I realised that I could do the same for Grandparents. As with the Sibling Hearts there are two handmade hearts. One is for baby and one is for the Grandparent. Again this gives a special connection. Also in the bag is a poem plus a card with the name of the baby that the hearts have been sponsored by.

Hearts of Compassion

My Hearts of Compassion are for families who have been through a Compassionate Induction (TFMR -Termination for Medical Reasons). This corner of the Baby Loss world, as I have found, can be very lonely and isolating. I have been incredibly lucky to have incredible support, but sadly I know many that haven’t. When you have a baby too poorly for this world often the only way to save them is to let them go peacefully. As a parent this goes against everything in us, but also as a parent so does allowing your child to suffer. I cannot begin to put into words the incredible heartbreak, grief, guilt, isolation, fear, my list goes on, that being here does to you. I try to hold onto the fact that we took every piece of Poppy’s pain so that she never, ever had to suffer.

So my Hearts of Compassion are a single heart sponsored by one Compassionate Induction family to another. It’s a symbol of support, of love, of having someone who understands. My aim is to connect these families. So within the bag is a letter from me and a card of who the heart has been sponsored by. On this heart is details of a Facebook group which they can join to hopefully connect with their family but with others who have also been through a Compassionate Induction. This group is private and only accessible to these families.

How do I sponsor a heart?

If you would like to sponsor a heart in memory of a baby lost at any stage in pregnancy, birth or infancy please contact me either by email sara@mypoppyrose.co.uk or message me through Facebook.

I just ask for a small payment per set that is sponsored. These are then supplied to the Bereavement Suite (I am currently supplying hearts to the Blossom Suite at Broomfield Hospital, the Forget Me Not Suite at Basildon Hospital and the Butterfly Suite at Southend Hospital) and given to families as they need them:

Sibling Hearts: £3

Grandparent Hearts: £3

Hearts of Compassion: £2.50

Please let me know which hearts you would like to sponsor, the name of your baby or a baby special to you that you would like to sponsor in memory of and which hospital you would like to receive them. I will place your baby’s name on a card inside of the bag. Please note that the Hearts of Compassion are only for parents that have been through a Compassionate Induction.

Alternatively you can send payment directly to PayPal. Please ensure you add a note stating which hearts you would like to sponsor, babies name the hearts will be in memory of and if you have a preference to which hospital you would like them to go to.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my project ‘Hearts from Poppy’. I really hope that they bring some comfort to those who receive them. But also to those who sponsor them.

My love to you all. Sara x

To visit Hearts from Poppy Facebook page please click here:

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