Words of Grief

Writing enables me to express my grief. It gives me someplace to put those forever swirling thoughts and feelings in my mind.

Words of loss

Words of an Angel Mummy

Words of an Angel Daddy

Words of an Angel Sibling

Grief Quote: It's in the silence of the night where my guilt, my fear, my shattered heart truly kicks in. No noise, no distractions just my mind to keep me company.

Grief Quote: That moment when the pain physically catches your breath and your chest fills so tight you wonder if you'll ever survive.

Grief Quote: Those moments when missing you catches me unaware.

Grief Quote: All you can do is take each day as it comes. Some days it will be hour by hour and on those really tough days it will be minute by minute. The waves will ride high and low, and you may not feel it but you will survive. The storm will never leave but you will find glimmers of light.

Grief Quote: Those moments when you feel your heart physically ache.

Grief Quote: I love walking in the rain because no one can see my tears.

Grief Quote: I'm not sure where to find my strength.

Grief Quote: There will never be a but in losing you.

Grief Quote: There are moments in life that the human heart just isn't designed for.

Grief Quote: Losing you has completely broken me.

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