Words of an Angel Mummy

I am an Angel Mummy.

I have a daughter in heaven.

Since losing Poppy I have used writing to express and navigate my grief. I have found this a type of therapy as often the words which appear on paper I do not realise I am feeling. I have also found by sharing what I write I have built lots of connections with others experiencing baby loss. On this page you will find quotes that I have written to express my deep pain and grief – Words of an Angel Mummy.

On the following pages you will find other quotes which I have written myself or by others which I find reflect my emotions:

Words of loss

Words of an Angel Daddy

Words of an Angel Sibling

Words of Grief

Words of Love and Loss

All content is my own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experience from my own journey of baby loss. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the Copyright and Disclosures page for more information.
I miss you in a million different ways. Baby loss quote. My Poppy Rose.
Quote: Loving you is easy. But being without you is indescribable.
Angel Mummy Quote: I'd rather miss you forever than never have met you.
Angel Mummy Quote: The moment your heart stopped mine changed forever.
Angel Mummy Quote: How blessed am I that you are mine. How blessed am I that I gave birth to you, held you and loved you with all my heart. How blessed am I that you are mine. How cruel is life not to let you stay.
Angel Mummy Quote: Mummy to an angel.

Angel Mummy Quote: You will forever be my hardest goodbye.
Angel Mummy Quote: The toughest role I've ever had to play is to be a good mummy whilst my heart laid shattered on the floor.

Quote: Guilt.
Angel Mummy Quote: My heart is full of you whilst my arms will forever ache for you.
Quote: Each day my heart breaks all over again.
Quote: When you've lost part of yourself, you live forever in fear that you'll lose again.

Quote: Thank you for being mine.
Quote: The greatest gift the baby loss world has given me is a tribe of beautiful, selfless mummas. A tribe so strong that they stand by you no matter what and no matter how much pain they are in. I owe so much to this family of incredible mummy's.
Quote: Somehow my heart keeps beating.
Quote: Every single part of you will be etched on my mind forever.

Quote: There's not a single part of me that doesn't ache for you.
Angel Mummy Quote: My daughter lives within the beat of my heart.
Quote: That moment when missing you hits me like a tidal wave.
Quote: You were never meant to be this far from me.

Angel Mummy Quote: A part of me is playing amongst the stars.
Quote: My heart is broken in ways which I'm glad most people don't understand.
Quote: Our souls will be entwined forever.
Quote: The only way I could protect you was to hand you over to the angels.

Angel Mummy Quote: Every second I spent with you; holding you, making memories with you, taking in every little part of you will be etched in my heart and mind for eternity.
Quote: I just miss you.
Quote: You are a part of everything we do.
Quote: It's in the silence of the night where my guilt, my fear, my shattered heart truly kicks in. No noise, no distractions just my mind to keep me company.

Angel Mummy Quote: My daughter is playing amongst the stars.
Quote: What I wouldn't give to hold you one last time. I would never let you go again.
Quote: How very softly you tiptoed into our world almost silently, only a moment you stayed. But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts.
Angel Mummy Quote: My breath catches and my heart pounds with pain when i think of never being able to hold you again.

Baby loss quote: You were just too precious for this world.
Quote: Your footprints will dance on my heart forever.
Quote: You cannot always see how many children a mother has. Some have children whose love they hold in their heart until they can hold them in their arms again.
Angel Mummy Quote: You are a Mummy.

Quote: Each and every baby handed over to heaven, no matter how small, is a life, a gift, a precious little being. We shall remember every single one of them. They will forever be our babies.
Quote: The loudest silence I have ever heard is the moment you were born silently into our world.
Baby loss quote: Everything aches for you.
I wanted to plan a lifetime with you. But instead I planned your death, birth and funeral. I will now spend a lifetime planning how I will honour you and how I will tell the world about you.

Babyloss quote: I will always wonder what beautiful dreams you were dreaming when you slipped into your forever sleep...
Baby loss quote: Holding my still baby changed me forever.
Words of an angel mummy quote: As the lights twinkle and the carols play how I wish you were here with me. The missing sack, the empty chair my heart is beyond repair. You're here with us yet so far away, I wish with everything in me that you could have stayed. What I wouldn't give to have you here this and every Christmas time.
Quote: I hope tat Easter in heaven is as special as can be, especially as you cannot be here with me. Mummy hopes that the Easter Bunny brings lots of eggs for you, plus a million hugs and kisses sent just from me to you. I hope that you have a great big party amongst the fluffy clouds, with treats and sweets and fun galore with your angel friends around. Mummy misses you my special baby, what I wouldn't give to have you here. Happy Easer my little one, in my heart you will always be.

I hope that the words that I have created on this page have brought you some comfort and have shown that you are not alone. If you feel you need additional help please seek support from one of the Baby Loss charities e.g. Tommy’s, Sands, ARC, Petals.

I would love to hear quotes that you have found comforting. Sara x

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Arc – Antenatal results and choices.

Petals – The Baby Loss Counselling Charity.

Tommy’s – Baby Charity – Together, for every baby.

Sands – Stillbirth and neonatal death charity.


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