Words of an Angel Daddy

My husband is an Angel Daddy.

His daughter is in heaven.

An Angel Daddy is truly incredible. Whilst facing their own grief and heartbreak they are usually the ones to hold everything together. They are the ones supporting their partner as they not only experience their loss emotionally but physically too. Poppy’s Daddy is one of these incredible Daddy’s and I don’t know where I’d be without him by my side. This page is dedicated to finding words to express how amazing these Daddy’s are – Words of an Angel Daddy.

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All content is my own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experience from my own journey of baby loss. This post may contain affiliate links, please see the Copyright and Disclosures page for more information.
Angel Daddy Quote: Daddy to an angel
Angel Daddy Quote: Nobody should underestimate the grieving daddy, how he seems is not what he is.
Angel Daddy Fathers day quote: My love today to all the daddy's who have babies playing amongst the stars.
Baby Loss Quote: You will forever be my hardest goodbye.
Baby Loss Quote: My daughter lives within the beat of my heart.
Grief Quote: Missing you.

Baby Loss Quote: I love you to the moon and beyond the stars.
Baby Loss Quote: I wish I could hold you.

Baby Loss Quote: I search the night skies for you.
Angel daddy Quote: Some Daddy's can only hold their baby in their heart and see them in their dreams.

Angel Daddy Quote: You cannot always see how many children a Daddy has. Some have children whose love they hold in their heart until they can hold them in their arms again.
Angel Daddy Quote: Some Daddy's are only able to carry their little girls down the aisle.
Quote: We were supposed to have a lifetime together.

I hope my words of an Angel Daddy that I have created on this page have brought you some comfort and have shown that you are not alone. I know many Daddy’s feel that they are unsupported. If this is how you feel please seek support from one of the Baby Loss charities e.g. Tommy’s, Sands.ARC, Petals.

If there are any quotes that you have found comfort from I would love to hear them. Thank you. Sara x

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If you need additional support:

Arc – Antenatal results and choices.

Petals – The Baby Loss Counselling Charity.

Tommy’s – Baby Charity – Together, for every baby.

Sands – Stillbirth and neonatal death charity.


Baby Loss Support Links – A dedicated page I have put together of a range of support links.

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