Dear Anxiety – Raising Awareness

I wrote this letter to my anxiety about 6 years ago, before we lost Poppy. My anxiety is still with me, something I have grown to understand will always be a part of me. In ways it has grown massively yet in other ways maybe I have grown to find my coping strategies with help from Poppy.

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The Power of 100 – Distraction Technique – Baby Loss and Grief

There are times in life when you are just broken. Times where everything is spiralling and you just have no control over anything. This is exactly where I was in the lead up to losing Poppy. In the weeks where we were going through Poppy’s diagnosis our lives were full of tests, scans, appointments and pure fear. I was beyond scared, I was beyond being able to cope. This is when I needed a coping strategy for scans, procedures, waiting in the horrendous side rooms, meetings. And to just survive. For me this is where the power of 100 started.

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After Psychotherapy – Baby Loss, Grief and Trauma

It took me a long time to accept therapy after losing Poppy. Two years after losing Poppy I hit a really bad place. At this point I needed to ask for help and my GP and Bereavement Midwife were incredible. My Bereavement Midwife was so relieved that I finally asked for the therapy sessions. She refereed me straight away for Psychotherapy.

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