Compassionate Induction

Compassionate Induction. Two words which my bereavement midwife gave to me. Two words which have brought me a little comfort. When my midwife says these words she means when a pregnancy is brought to end when you have no choice. The only way to save your baby is to let your baby go. We really had no choice. Our precious baby had so many things wrong with her brain. We had scans, one of which was taken externally and internally by a fetal medicine doctor who had never seen the abnormalities Poppy had, an MRI, meetings with consultants, doctors, midwives. We had a neo natal team for our case. Our baby was beyond poorly.

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Losing Poppy

Losing Poppy is the hardest, most heart shattering experience we have been through. No parent should have to say goodbye to their baby. No parent should have to face the decisions we have had to make. Our journey should just not happen.

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