Elephant on my chest – Baby loss and grief

Elephant on my chest. This is the only way I can describe how my emotional pain became physical. I felt as though my chest was being crushed and I was fighting for breath. It felt as though an elephant was sitting on my chest.

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On The Day You Were Due – Baby loss

Post image: On the day you were due.

Dear Poppy

So today is the day you were due to enter into our world. A day we were so excited about. But instead 16 weeks ago today you entered our world dreaming sweet dreams. How I wish things were different and we were waiting anxiously to meet you.

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Just because – After baby loss

Just because I don’t have my baby in my arms it doesn’t mean that I’m not her Mummy. That I didn’t give birth to her, that my body hasn’t had to recover from pregnancy, labour and birth.

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What Feticide Really Means – TFMR

Feticide. One of many medical words which I wish I knew absolutely nothing about. Feticide is a medical procedure to stop your baby’s heart from beating before inducing labour 48 hours later.

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