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Just because I don’t have my baby in my arms it doesn’t mean that I’m not her Mummy. That I didn’t give birth to her, that my body hasn’t had to recover from pregnancy, labour and birth.

Post title: Just because.
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Just because I don’t have my baby in my arms it doesn’t mean that I don’t think and worry about her every moment of the day. That I don’t have sleepless nights, that I’m not consumed with Mummy guilt.

Just because my husband doesn’t have his baby in his arms doesn’t mean he didn’t hold her when she was born, that he didn’t spend time with her and tell her how much he loved her. That she’s not forever in his heart.

Just because my husband doesn’t have his baby girl in his arms doesn’t mean he won’t get to walk her down the aisle. Heartbreakingly he has already carried her down the aisle in his arms rather than holding her by his side.

Angel daddy quote: Some Daddy's are only able to carry their little girls down the aisle.

Just because my children don’t have their baby sister with them doesn’t mean that they don’t love and adore her. That they don’t blow her a kiss and tell her they love her each night at bedtime. That they don’t talk about her each and every day.

Just because Poppy isn’t on earth with us doesn’t mean that she’s not included in our daily lives or family celebrations. That her love doesn’t influence us each and every day.

Our precious Poppy may be dancing amongst the stars but our lives are full of her. She’s spoken about each and every day, her love shines through each of us and our heart breaks that little bit more each day we are apart from her. She’s is part of us and will be forever.

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