Christmas Without You – Baby Loss and Grief

Christmas without you is hard. A constant array of emotions are fighting internally as everyone around you is celebrating. Christmas is a time for family. So when a part of you is in heaven you’re forever torn between here and there.

Post title: Christmas without you - Baby Loss and grief.
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We’ve never been able to spend a Christmas with Poppy. We’ve never been able to open presents with her, visit Santa or see the magic and wonder in her eyes.

Poppy was born sleeping on 20th October 2018. Our first Christmas without Poppy was emotionally so raw. If it hadn’t been for our other children I don’t think we would have put decorations up and most probably would have gone away. I can remember just going through the motions and everything just being a blur. I was there in body but my mind and heart was in a completely different place.

Quote: As the lights twinkle and the carols play how I wish you were here with me. The missing sack, the empty chair my heart is beyond repair. You're here with us yet so far away, I wish with everything in me that you could have stayed. What I wouldn't give to have you here this and every Christmas time.

That first christmas…

To anyone who is spending their first Christmas without their baby be gentle on yourself. There is no right or wrong way to get through the festivities or to even grieve. You need to do whatever you feel is right for you. It’s ok to cry, to laugh, feel sad or to feel happy. Whatever emotion it is you are feeling it is fine. Just do what you need to do. Starting traditions can be special and a way to always include your baby. Having decorations with your babies name on, hanging a stocking for them, writing a letter or just lighting a candle.

Christmas without you - baby loss and grief quote: I wish you were here this Christmas.

A different Christmas…

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, we even got married at Christmas. But since losing Poppy the magic and sparkle is not the same anymore. We are blessed to have Poppy’s sister and brothers to keep the fun and magic alive. They have, without question, incorporated her into all of our family traditions and they love to make her grave Christmassy. At the same time this breaks my heart that the only decorating we can do is at her grave.

Christmas without you - baby loss and grief quote: Wishing my beautiful daughter a merry Christmas in heaven.

One part of Christmas I love is the sprinkling of Poppy’s name around the house. We have so much of Poppy already but at Christmas we have lots of decorations and ornaments with her name on. It’s just beautiful to see her there. We decorate her grave and she has her own Christmas tree too. We will do this at some point together in December and we will always go to her Christmas morning too. It’s always so peaceful at Poppy’s grave and with the bells ringing it is incredibly emotional too.

Christmas without you - baby loss and grief quote: On Christmas eve we will be searching the night sky for you.
supporting bereaved families…

To anyone who is supporting a grieving parent at Christmas please say our babies names. Write their names in cards or even just a little symbol which represents our baby. Don’t be scared to say our babies names it’s pure music to our ears. It shows you acknowledge our baby, love our baby and that our baby is always a part of us.

Wishing you all a gentle Christmas. With love from my family to yours x

Christmas is hard without our baby. They should be here with us but instead we have painful moments and a million what ifs. Please say their name and honour our precious baby. We cannot tell you how much this means.

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