Baby Loss Awareness

October is Baby Loss Awareness month. Or also known as Pregnancy and Infant loss month. During October the baby loss community comes together to highlight the devastating world of baby loss and sadly how common it actually is. 1 in 4 women will experience a loss – miscarriage, stillbirth, compassionate induction and neonatal death. There are just no words to comprehend the impact our losses have on us and in turn the unbelievable pain that we will feel forever.

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Baby Loss Awarenwss week…

Within this month we also have Baby Loss Awareness week from 9th to 15th October. This week ends with the international wave of light on the 15th where angel mummy’s, daddy’s, siblings and families from all over the world will light a candle for their little ones at 7pm. The intense emotion of so many heartbroken families coming together is indescribable. Each one lighting a candle not just for their lost babies but for all the babies lost around the world. I find the emotion of this breath taking yet absolutely exhausting.

International wave of light: 15th October at 7pm. Remembering all our babies too precious for earth.
breaking the silence…

As a community we will speak out to the world about our babies to help break the silence and taboo that is so often seen. I’ve been incredibly lucky in our support from family, friends, my bereavement midwife and the incredibly supportive baby loss community. But I know many who have been silenced, ignored and been made to feel wrong for grieving their precious baby. This should not happen. Our babies are a part of us, they are our children and no parent should ever have to lose their child.

Baby loss quote: When a child loses his parent, they are called an orphan. When a spouse loses his or her partner they are called a widow or widower. When parents lose their child, there isn't a word to describe them. Ronald Reagan.

Although we will speak out October is hard on so many grieving parents. We live this life every single day. But during October the intense coverage on our news feeds and support groups, although amazing, is quite often too much. Last year the day after the wave of light I was drained, exhausted physically and mentally, and just went to pieces. But this will never stop me from breaking the silence for our beautiful, precious babies.

October is baby loss awareness month. Remembering all our babies too precious for earth.

So this October, as always I will tell the world about Poppy. I will tell the world about all the precious babies gone too soon and how shattered our lives are. However much it hurts I will always be there for the baby loss world. I owe so much to so many and our babies deserve to be spoken about.

Baby Loss Quote: Baby loss doesn't just happen in October. For us, it is our reality every single day.

Sending my love to each and everyone of you. If you would like to share your babies with me this October please share in the comments below. I would love to see who is playing amongst the stars with our beautiful Poppy. Sara x

Baby Loss Awareness Month: Breaking the silence surrounding miscarriage, compassionate induction, stillbirth and infant death. Remembering all babies lost in pregnancy, birth and infancy.

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