Trying to find the Beauty

Something I try to do amongst the utter shattered heart, the guilt and the pain of losing Poppy is to find the beauty. I have so much to be thankful for to our beautiful, precious girl.

Post Title photo: Trying to find the beauty.

Thank you for the strongest, purest love you have brought upon us. For bringing our little family even closer together. For giving your siblings a love so fierce and powerful that they will tell the world about you, include you in everything they do and to have a compassion and understanding that you alone have taught them.

Quote: You will always be our forever missing piece.

Thank you for giving me strength. Strength to continue each day for Daddy and your sister and brothers. Strength to bring your baby brother into the world. Strength to tell your story and to help others. Strength to cope with losing your Great Nanny just 3 months after handing you over to the angels.

Thank you for bringing so many incredible, selfless people into our lives. Midwives that have stood by our side to this day. Angel Mummy’s who keep me afloat when I’m drowning and even when I’m not. A support team so incredible I will forever be in debt to.

Quote: The greatest gift the baby loss world has given me is a tribe of beautiful, selfless mummas. A tribe so strong that they stand by you n matter what and no matter how much pain they are in. I owe so much to this family of incredible mummy's.

Your story is beautiful yet at the same time breathtakingly heartbreaking. As much as I am thankful for all of this I would swap it in a second for you to be here with me, Daddy, your sister and brothers.

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